Japan’s custody laws criticised for incentivising child abduction

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“I’m sad because I can’t be with you.”
“and Grandpa are getting older.”

A video for her children stolen by their father.
Australian mum Catherine Henderson has few mementos of her daughter and son taken by her husband four years ago.

“I hope the kids will remember reading these books together.”
“Sometimes I get a panic attack when I see parents and children interacting normally.”

Japan’s laws have come under increased criticism in recent years sole custody is usually granted to the parent who last took care of the child Advocates say it ensures stability critics argue it incentivizes abduction.

“I think judges and lawyers and everybody involved just wants the easy answer. So basically one parent takes their children.”

It’s been five years since Randy Kavanaugh lost access to his daughter Anna.

“A living nightmare. Not only for myself but I can also Imagine for Anna what she’s being put through.”

15 Australian parents are currently separated from 22 children in Japan a leaked submission shows Australia has recommended Japan Implement joint custody when it’s safe to do so arguing prolonged separation harms a child and parent it’s even offered to help Japan Implement reform.

“We should focus on the best interest of the child and shift away from adult conflict of winning or losing.” (棚村政行教授)

“150000 Japanese children a year lose contact with one parent. How is that in any way good for a country.”

After years of legal battles, separated parents struggled to remain optimistic but hope this Government Review won’t be an opportunity wasted. James earlton ABC News Tokyo.